Frequently Asked Questions

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our installation. Only the best tools and materials are used to ensure the smoothest installation possible. This includes the use of a stable, free draining sub-base comprising of between 40-60mm Type 1 aggregate and 15-25mm Sharp Sand levelled off and the covering of a weed membrane to keep your lawn level and weed-free.
  • At the end of an installation you will find that there is waste left over from the removal of the existing lawn and the laying of the artificial lawn. Other companies will leave these materials for you to dispose of, we always remove all of the waste. This way you are not surprised by any mess you have to clean up and are left with a tidy garden for immediate enjoyment.
  • We have an in-depth knowledge and passion for our product. By choosing IncrediLawn you are guaranteed a quality installation by a trained and experienced team.
We are NOT associated with the AstroTurf™ brand. Whilst people use the term as a generic description to describe artificial grass, it is a registered trademark and this is the story about how AstroTurf™ was invented.

Fans of fake grass will know how nice and warm it is to the touch in the summer, like having a lovely warm carpet outside that never gets dirty. Even in winter the artificial lawn mantra of ‘no more mud’ rings true.

What you may not know is how it originated… The first artificial grass was a million miles away from the realistic grass substitute we have in our back gardens today and was called ‘AstroTurf’. Along with many other inventions we couldn’t live without today like toasters and tea bags, AstroTurf comes from the United States.

AstroTurf was invented in 1965 by employees of the American company Monsanto and patented in 1967 under the name “Chemgrass.” It first came to prominence when it was installed in 1965 in the Houston Astrodome. As a result of this debut it was renamed AstroTurf after the ‘Astrodome’. The original advantages of AstroTurf over natural grass was that it required little maintenance, was ideal for indoor stadiums and did not require sunlight. For those reasons AstroTurf was used in both indoor and outdoor stadiums across America.

Since then fake grass has evolved from being a rather stiff, unconvincing substitute into a high quality and realistic alternative to a grass lawn. The enormous improvement in quality, especially over the last ten years, has led to its growing popularity as people weigh up the benefits of no mowing, no watering and no mud with its high maintenance counterpart, grass.

Artificial grass is made of plastic and will melt under extreme heat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a barbecue in your garden.

If you have decking or patio we recommend using your barbecue on these areas rather than on your Incredilawn, the further away from the grass the better.

It is possible to use gas barbecues on your lawn as long as the heat is sufficiently above the grass but avoid using charcoal barbecues with direct contact to the grass. This reduces the risk of melting from the base as well as from flyaway embers.

The same basic principles apply for bonfires or fireworks, try not to use them too near your Incredilawn. It is after all made of plastic and will melt.

Similarly cigarettes left carelessly on the grass will melt the local area. Make sure you have plenty of ashtrays on hand to stub them out, preferably with bottoms that will not transfer heat. Alternatively, do not smoke in the garden.

As with a natural lawn it is always best to be careful when dealing with fire, especially when there are children around. As long as you follow our advice there should be no problems to having a barbecue or other similar items in your garden.

A key advantage of our artificial grass is that it is virtually maintenance free. Whilst we’re sure your Incredilawn grass will give you up to 20 years of green grass perfection we offer both a workmanship guarantee on the installation and a grass guarantee of up to ten years, depending on the grass, that covers fading and de-grading.

Our flagship grass, Incredilawn Luxury, is made with polyethylene and has better bounce back recovery so the blades won’t lie flat. Even so, we recommend you avoid parking cars, motorbikes or heavy vehicles on the grass for sustained periods as this will cause compaction.

We also recommend you try and keep debris and leaves off the synthetic surface, simply brush or blow these off at least once a month to prevent organic build up. If you can give the grass a brush once a month with a stiff bristle brush, this is also good for maintaining vertical grass position in the long run.

If you have pets remember to clean up any animal mess as soon as possible. After the mess is removed simply wash the area down with warm, lightly soaped water. Avoid using high strength cleaning liquids such as bleach.

This is a common question regarding artificial grass, especially from customers with lawns that do not face the sun and cannot soak up water. With artificial grass there is no need to worry about water drainage, artificial lawns drain water as if it is regular grass and even better in some cases.

After the existing lawn is removed to a depth of between 60 and 80mm, a sub-base consisting of type 1 limestone combined with a layer of sharp sand is distributed. Limestone is the most porous type of aggregate as it is made from permeable materials. This covers the entire lawn area at an even and consistent level ensuring a stable draining base for years to come.

The roll of grass is manufactured with a holed backing that is concealed within the pile height and not visible when laid. Water simply drains straight through these holes and into the aggregate base below.

Due to this, artificial lawns dry relatively quickly compared to regular lawns.

This artificial grass is protected against sunlight and UV rays so it does not fade. During the manufacturing process the grass is UV stabilised which will ensure that fading does not occur.

All our products have a minimum 8 year no fade guarantee. Incredilawn comes with a 10 year guarantee. Although knowing UK weather it is likely your lawn will remain unaffected for much longer than this.

It’s very rare for an artificial lawn to get damaged, they’re made of pretty tough stuff! Damage to a lawn is most likely to occur when people are careless with cigarettes or barbecues and a part of the grass melts, because artificial grass (like most things) is not impervious to extreme heat! Unlike natural grass it will not grow back so the best thing to do is to replace the affected area with a new piece of grass.

This doesn’t have to be difficult job but it is vital the pile is facing in the same direction on both the existing and new pieces of grass to reduce visibility. If you are unsure of how to do this contact Incredilawn who will be able to offer some advice as well as source you your new piece of grass.

The surface should last at least 20 years in areas of average volume of traffic and use. To ensure this keep the surface clear of debris.

All of the fake grasses from Trulawn, from luxury replica grass to backyard putting greens are durable, safe and installed professionally to provide a stable and welcoming family space for years to come.

Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibres which makes it durable, well resistant to general wear and tear. Some of the most popular reason for installations by our customers is because our grass range is a better solution for pet owners who have discolouration, staining or burning in their natural grass. Incredilawn is the perfect solution to patchy, unmaintained lawn and will breathe refreshing new life into your home garden so you can focus on enjoying your weekends, not dread the gardening!

Artificial grass can cope with the general cold weather experienced in the UK, it won’t die with a change in temperature and it will stay green all the way through until spring. If it is particularly rainy, artificial lawns can actually drain water better than a natural lawn, with a stable layer of aggregates present underneath a weed membrane.

If there is light snow then we recommend you let it melt naturally, or clear it by hand if it needs to be moved. Though artificial lawns are made of tough stuff, it might not be a good idea to take a hard shovel to it.

On the rare occasion that we experience a particularly cold snap and there is compacted snow or ice the best thing to do is, again, to let it melt naturally. If the ground becomes frozen and the individual blades of grass go hard and icy than it can be uncomfortable to walk on. If you try to remove the ice the grass can become damaged. It is possible to salt the area but this is not recommended as the it can affect the drainage of your lawn.

Patchy Grass?

Have you noticed that your grass is turning patchy in areas that your dog favours for potty time? It’s more common than you might think and homeowners around the country are turning to the wonders and benefits of fake grass.

Suitable and Safe for pets?

We’re often asked if artificial grass is suitable and safe for pets, the truth is that a synthetic lawn from Incredilawn is made with seriously durable materials, stopping dogs from their digging antics. Some pets may feel inclined to ingest the grass, being made of plastic, we wouldn’t recommend this, but it’s not considered typical behaviour.

Finally, our grasses are super easy to clean, so washing away pet mess quickly after with soapy water, no need for bleach or other harsh chemicals, which would be bad for your grass anyway!

Benefits of artificial grass

Whether your are planning to convert your garden to synthetic grass specifically for pets or because of any of the great benefits it brings we know you’ll love the flexibility and opportunity of using your garden all year round.