Luxury Lawn

The Luxury Lawn the bestselling grass partly because of its amazingly realistic appearance. It is made from 100% Polyethylene and has a pile height of 3.2cm.

Supreme Lawn

The Supreme Lawn is super soft and super lush. It has a slightly longer 3.7cm pile which gives it that spring meadow look all year round.

Continental Lawn

The Continental Lawn gives the look of a well-tended summer lawn. Its 2.2cm pile gives a very neat and tidy finish without you having to lift a finger.

Pet Friendly

Popular with pet owners, IncrediLawn is the perfect solution if you’re fed up with your dog digging holes in the garden, discoloured patches on your lawn and muddy paw prints in the house. Pets love the soft feel of our grass and because IncrediLawn grasses have enhanced durability they won’t be destroyed by even the most energetic dogs. It is easy to clean… dog and other animal mess does not affect the grass and can easily be cleaned away with water and mild detergents.