The Do’s

It takes a few easy steps to keep your IncrediLawn looking great and following this simple guide will help keep your lawn in good condition for between 12 – 15 years after installation.
The trick is to apply this guide little & often to receive the best results.
1) Remove all debris from your IncrediLawn regularly. Don’t allow leaves or other debris to build up as it will become harder to remove with time.
2) Use a soft to medium bristle brush once a month and brush the grass in all different directions, before finally brushing against the pile.
3) This will leave the grass maintained in a vertical position, just how you want it. It is important to maintain the grass position to avoid compaction in the long term.
4) If you have pets, make sure you clean up after them. Remove solid mess wherever it may be and wash the area down with luke warm lightly soaped water. DO NOT use high strength cleaning liquids such as bleach etc.
5) Remember you want an immaculate looking lawn so remove moss and any weeds that take root early. Remove the bulk by hand and apply a water based moss & weed killer. Speak to your local garden centre for their recommended product.

The Don’ts

1) Do not have open bonfires or light fireworks on or too near your IncrediLawn. It is after all plastic and will melt.
2) Avoid Charcoal BBQ’s directly on top of your artificial grass. Gas is fine as long as the heat is sufficiently above the grass, we recommend a small test with an offcut before trying the real thing.
3) Cigarettes carelessly left on the grass will melt the local area so don’t smoke or make sure plenty of ash trays are on hand.
4) Broken glass or small sharp objects may bury themselves in the grass, so find and clear these objects if they occur.
5) Avoid parking cars, motorbikes or heavy vehicles on the grass for sustained periods as this will cause compaction.
6) As with hair, allowing chewing gum or adhesives to get into the grass will cause problems and may have to be cut out, try to avoid this
The Do’s will keep you happy, the Don’ts will ruin your warranty so please look after your product and it will look after you. Enjoy!